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Wedding Floral Trends for Spring 2015

Wedding Floral Trends for Spring 2015

Wedding floral trends can be varied and numerous. You want a wedding that is stylish and in the now. You spend hours poring over wedding blogs and magazines trying to find the trends that are up-to-date. And while you may enjoy gathering all of this inspiration, it can be a real challenge to distill your own tastes from the season’s fashions.

We’ve got you covered. Read on for the season’s wedding floral trends.

venues-photo-300x2001. Rich Saturated Tones

There’s a serious turn toward the deep richness of saturated tones. Create energy in your decor by deepening the tonal saturation of your wedding colors. The richness of those tones depends on your own personal sense of energy and style. Pinks and oranges may appeal to an upbeat and energetic wedding, while blues and purples downplay the atmosphere for a more majestic feel.

white-wedding-mixed-metals-195x3002. Older Jewel Tones

Older generations are seeing their grandchildren and great-grandchildren marry now. They still have those wonderful pieces of vintage jewelry that evoke an older family connection. Style is playing right into those memories by complementing decor with textural accompaniments like hot pink, red, purple, gold and mixed metals.

wine-box-flowers-200x3003. Vintage European and All Things French

In the same way as family heirlooms, a deep immigrant heritage has meaning for the look and feel of a wedding, as well. We often reach back toward Europe and 17th Century France for inspiration. Brides and grooms are embracing vintage pieces like old lanterns, birdcages, blown glass and aged wood furniture. It’s a very stylish picture of what they hope to pass on to their own offspring.

farmhouse-decor-201x3004. Wine Boxes of Floral, Farm Tables and Country Benches

Speaking of aged wooden furniture, think about how you would like to present the accents and decor at your reception. Repurposed wine boxes give the look of a classic Old Marketplace floral design, somehow untouched by weather and travel yet contained in a tastefully distressed container that looks like it’s been everywhere. Farm tables and country benches, likewise, can create a rural feel even in an elegant setting, fostering and understatement that offsets the traditional glam of a luxury wedding.

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